Homenagens à professora doutora Maria Cecilia Coutinho de Arruda

Este site na sua nova fase tem a honra de apresentar esta homenagem a professora doutora Maria Cecilia Coutinho de Arruda em agradecimento por tudo que tem realizado pela expansão da ética nas organizações no Brasil, na América Latina e no mundo.

Uma das maiores conquistas deste site foi contar com a sua entrevista. Maria Cecilia, é sem dúvida, no Brasil, a maior autoridade em ética nas organizações. Pessoa extraordinária pela simplicidade, profunda nas suas afirmações e convicções, que sabe na prática do dia a dia, transformar os valores em ação.
(organizadora do site, São Paulo/Brasil)

Maria Cecilia es una incansable luchadora de la etica empresarial. Sus esfuerzos se orientan a la difusion del tema siempre con rigor intelectual basado en la investigacion. Tiene una capacidad de trabajo impresionante donde, como toda mujer, no pierde detalles, que le ha valido ganarse un lugar muy destacado entre los principales intelectuales de la Business Ethics a nivel internacional, dejando muy bien representada a Latinoamerica.
Instituto de Desarrollo Empresarial de la Argentina- IDEA/ Buenos Aires/Argentina

To introduce a new field of scientific research and of practical applications, many things are needed. The backing of colleagues, experiences made elsewhere, telling examples of success and failure, a social configuration that is open to creative contributions, inside universities but also in the real world, - all these are necessary conditions for a new field to emerge and flourish. Necessary conditions, that is, but not sufficient. Needed is also the presence of persons, of one person at least, who possesses two additional qualities: initiative and perseverance. Business ethics as an emerging activity in the Latin American region has been fortunate enough to find in Cecilia Arruda a person who did not shy away from a task that she found at hand and that she was willing to assume for the simple reason that it needed to be done. So she did it: writing and doing research in the field, bringing people together, organising major events, founding a stable association, and cooperating in developing a worldwide Society that intends to work globally to foster business ethics in its various forms.
Much has been achieved in the past years, much remains to be done in the years to come. But if in a not too distant future results of joint operations will prove to be stable and fruitful, we know that Cecilia is among the persons to be grateful for.
(Amsterdan/The Netherlands)

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere respect and appreciation about Cecilia's great contributions to study of business ethics, development of the ISBEE, and enhancement of ethical awareness in the international business community. I also want to mention that she has made enormous efforts to initiate business ethics movements in Brazil and Latin America. We honestly hope that as she has done so far, she will continuously take a leadership of facilitating global communications among business ethicists, business practitioners, as well as other stakeholders, and will open us a brand new stage of ethical movements. We are so much honored to be able to work with her at this stage of business ethics history.
Professor, Reitaku University, Japan

My first meeting with Cecilia Arruda was at the ISBEE conference which was held in Sao Paolo. I met her a day prior to the conference since I had arrived early. She greeted me with a lot of warmth and welcomed me to Brazil. My professional relationship with her began after I became an Executive member of ISBEE. What I was most impressed by was her ability to champion business ethics in Brazil. Coming from India, I found a lot of similarities in the context in Brazil and here. To be able to gain the kind of acceptability for Business Ethics would have required her to invest time, effort, energy and enthusiasm. She has made that happen. I would like to wish her all future success in her endeavours.
Indian Institute of Management/ Bannerghatta - India

Our organization, the Fides Foundation, has been working on the subject of business ethics for many years. But it is thanks to people like Maria Cecília Arruda that real progress has been made in this area: her dedication, her deep knowledge, the energy she has invested in the endeavor to convince the business community of the utmost importance of ethics in business and the economy in general, have been fundamental. Nothing is more worthy of a tribute than what she has done to encourage all of us in this field.
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Fides Foundation
São Paulo, Brazil

It is a pleasure to join in recognizing the outstanding contributions that Cecilia Arruda has made not only to the development of business ethics in Brazil, but also in other parts of Latin America, and through her work in ISBEE to business ethics on a global level. She has worked long and hard in writing books and articles, organizing societies, and hosting conferences. She has demonstrated her leadership ability and serves as a model for others to follow. She truly deserves the recognition she is receiving here.
University of Kansas - USA

Prof Dr Cecillia Arruda has contributed greatly to business ethics in Brazil and in the world. Even we Chinese live in another hemisphere has been enjoying her creative work for ISBEE. I am personally very grateful for her encouragement of my work for Shanghai conference and publication of the newsletter about it. Wish her good health and happy life!

Vice Director & General Secretary,
Center for Business Ethics;
Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
Shanghai, P.R.China

Cecilia Arruda es el líder académico más importante en el campo de ética empresarial de Brasil y uno de los líderes más importantes en América Latina. Ella ha jugado un papel imprescindible en la fundación de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Ética en los Negocios y Economía. Su trabajo en la organización del congreso mundial de la International Society for Business, Economics, and Ethics ha sido determinante en el impulso de la ética empresarial. Además, sus libros sobre el tema publicados en Brasil han tenido un gran impacto en el área. La ética empresarial en Brasil y en América Latina ha logrado tomar un salto cuántico como resultado de sus múltiples esfuerzos.
ITESM- Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, México
Instituto de Empresa, Spain

Cecilia tiene la visión de los fundadores, el tesón de los organizadores y el carisma de los líderes que inspiran y empujan a las organizaciones.
Presidente de ALENE- Associación Latinoamericana de Ètica, Negocios e Economia